Delivery Schedule

Delivery Schedule
 Don't feel left out if we show out of stock on the item you're chasing!
We share our truck delivery schedule with you so you know exactly when our deliveries are scheduled for in-bound receiving.
Of course, due to weather or other incidents out of our control, delivery days may change. We will keep you updated.
*Please Note* If an item shows (In-Store Only) it is because we are receiving a small amount of that product typically a case or less.  
Deliveries may be lighter than normal over the next few weeks as we are preparing for the release of multiple sets across various TCG's from the end of May through the middle of June as well as us moving our physical location. 
We thank you all for your understanding!


Monday 6/27/2022

    Tuesday 6/28/2022

    • Pokémon - Fates Collide Booster Boxes
    • Pokémon - Evolutions Booster Boxes
    • Pokémon - Burning Shadows Booster Boxes
    • Pokémon - Unified Minds Booster Boxes
    • Pokémon - Chilling Reign Booster Boxes
    • Pokémon - Fusion Strike Booster Boxes
    • Pokémon - Battle Styles Booster Boxes
    • Pokémon - Brilliant Stars Booster Boxes
    • Pokémon - Evolving Skies Booster Boxes
    • Pokémon - Rebel Clash Booster Boxes
    • Pokémon - Brilliant Stars Sleeved Boosters
    • Pokémon - Shining Fates Elite Trainer Boxes
    • Pokémon - Brilliant Stars Elite Trainer Boxes
    • Pokémon - Evolutions VMAX Premium Collections
    • Pokémon - Island Guardians Tins
    • Pokémon - Mysterious Powers Tins
    • Pokémon - Celebrations Mini Tins
    • Pokémon - Celebrations Deluxe Pin Collections

       Wednesday 6/29/2022

      • Pokémon - Pokémon GO Deliveries begin! (Friday Launch)
      • Flesh and Blood - Uprising Deliveries begin (Friday Launch)

       Thursday 6/23/2022

        Friday 6/24/2022 


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