Smoke & Mirrors Pre-Orders: Fusion Strike

Pre-Orders for Fusion Strike have sold out online.
Pre-Orders are still available for the set in-store until Friday 10/22.

Important Celebrations Announcement 10/21/2021

Pikachu V-Union is still seeing delays from our distributors. We have fulfilled nearly 75% of our Pre-Orders, more orders were shipped out on Wednesday 10/20 so you should have received tracking updates if your order was shipped. We are filling Pre-Orders both online and in-store in timed chronological order.

The Collector Chest ( Lunch Box ) has been delayed as per our info we dropped on social media last week and is not expected now until late November ( we did not pre-sell any of this product.

Updates are being sent out on our Social Media so please go and give us a follow to stay closer to the news.

Thank you!

Smoke & Mirrors Pre-Orders: Meta Zoo

Pre-Order Update:
MetaZoo Nightfall has seen harsh delays across all of our distributors in regards to multiple products across the release. Booster Boxes have been 100% fulfilled for all orders containing ONLY Booster Boxes. All other orders that contain any other product attached to it have been held until the remaining product has been received so that it ships in one package.
Booster Boxes and Blister Packs will be the only product in limited quantity that will be for sale tomorrow 10/22 in limited amounts per customer as always.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like to cancel or remove an item from your order that may not ship due to delayed product.
Thank you for your patience.
-S&M Hobby

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